Client Testimonies

Helping people stay alive

“I think your program is helping people in my condition to stay alive.  I am 87 years old with a healthy attitude because of people who help us.  Thank you and God bless you all.”

Reducing Loneliness

“Many of the folks live alone 7 days a week and have no one to talk to day in and day out.  Most people don’t know what loneliness is until they get there themselves.  Some days and nights are very long.”

Caring about people

“Some days the driver is the only person I see.  She makes caring about people have meaning.  She’s tops!”

A Smile at the Door

“The Meals on Wheels program has been very important to my wife and me.  It focuses on our health, our well being and the positive feelings knowing that you all care not only about us but also about so many others who benefit from your program.  Ralph is a true representative of someone who truly CARES when he comes to the door, his smile says it all.”

Happy with the Service

"As their advocate, I must tell you they are so happy with your services.  I believe this is one of the most positive aspects of their daily lives."

Lifting Spirits

"I feel the need to praise the people behind the scenes who have displayed their, compassion, caring attention, showered upon me...  My driver has become the only friend that I have these days.  He lifts my spirits with his infectious smile and kind words...  Thank you for caring and may God Bless you."

Hot, Delicious Meals

"You guys do a great job getting those hot, delicious meals out to us.  Thanks for all you do."

Helping Families

"I want to Thank You for 2 years of faithful service.  It helped our family a lot knowing a meal was arriving at noon each day for my mother."

Feeling Welcomed

"I thought the meal Thursday was wonderful.  Everything was done in an extra special way to make us feel welcome.  The staff was very caring and gave us a great day with friends, food, and beautiful decorations."

Time of Need

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful we were for Meals on Wheels during my parent's time of need.  Your immediate help was so appreciated.  And, as important their driver was a wonderful ray of sunshine in their day."

A+, 100% Great

"Things we like about your services:

1. Very Tasty Meals

2. Generous Portions

3. Many Choices

4. Timely Services

5. Driver is a sweetheart

How do we rate your services?  A+ plus, 100% great!"