Agency History

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In the 1960's Congress created the Older American Act (OAA) to provide funding to help seniors maintain maximum independence and quality of life as they age. With this goal in mind Strafford Nutrition Meals on Wheels has been operating in Strafford County since 1973.

Seniors, women, walker, eating, lunch, Meals on Wheels, Strafford County

For many years SNMOW was administrated under the Somersworth Housing Authority, but in 2014 SNMOW became an independent 501C3 nonprofit agency.  This move was necessary to give the agency the freedom to raise additional revenue in order to meet the growing demands.  Although the Older Americans Act funding is still a critical revenue source for SNMOW, it only covers about 65% of the cost of limited number of meals; far less than the realities of today’s needs.