Donated Goods


Monthly Specials Needs

Each month we provide our clientele with a special meal, which is general designed around a major holiday or seasonal theme.  To enhance these specials we are always looking for favors, centerpiece decorations, and door/raffle prizes.  This can be a great opportunity for a group or organization to do a collective project.  In the past we have had donations from schoolchildren who made cards, a girl scouts troop who made favors, a church group who donated lap blankets, and so on.


Clientele's Needs

Besides favors for specials, we are always looking for donations of new items that are popular and useful. to our participants.   

• Tissue boxes • Paper towels • Bottled water • Large print puzzle • Coffee or Teas • Stationery • Postage Stamps • Blankets • Warm Socks • Hats, Mittens, and/or gloves • Flashlight w/batteries 

As there are strict nutritional guidelines we must follow, not to mention all the federal/state food safety guidelines we have some strict limitations on food donations we can accept.  If you have a question regarding a food donation that you think would be appropriate for us, please call or email us.


Santa for Senior Program

Each year we organize a Santa for Senior program starting in late October.  How it works: SNMOW staff compiles a list of our clientele who are most in need.  We compile a list of a few specific items that you can choose from to purchase for this person.  The administrative office will give you a date for which the items would need to be delivered to our office by.  Arrangements can also be made for us to pick up your donations.  The items are delivered to each participant around the dates of December 15 to December 25.  It is a wonderful way to make sure people are remembered, and to provide them with things they need.  This program has a wonderful impact on our participants as there are a large number of them who would otherwise have no holiday celebration.