Meals on Wheels (MOW)

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Home Delivery

Meals on Wheels is the delivery of ready-to-eat meals to your home around the lunch hours.  Meals are provided Monday thru Friday with provisions for evening and weeks for qualified individuals.  If you or a loved one is dealing with a disability, chronic disease, or recuperating from surgery or illness; then the delivery of a hot tasty meal and a friendly smile could be of help.  During meal delivery, we provide what is best described as a daily safety check, where a trained staff member, who is familiar with the participant and their living environment makes note of changes that can be a sign of issues arising.  Safety checks are an important tool in being proactive in preventing major issues from developing.

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Participation Eligibility

Eligibility varies by program. The basic criteria is listed below, but please contact us for more specific details:

> Homebound, age 60+ with no income restrictions or 

> Homebound, 18+ with income restrictions.

> The spouse or caregiver of someone 60+ who is a receiving Meals on Wheels services.

Meals on Wheels recipients must complete an annual eligibility intake.  The intake process is relatively simple and we have an Outreach Coordinator who works with you to complete.  To get started please contact the administration office at (603) 692-4211

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Participation Donation

A $3.00 donation per meal is requested.  Donations are used to defray some of the cost of each meal.  Average value of each MOW meal is $8.25.