Core Values

At Strafford Nutrition we operate under three core values to our service - care, compassion, and commitment.  We take care in everything we do from planning a nutritious and appetizing menu, to developing efficient and cost effective delivery routes.  We believe we have an obligation to both the people served and to those who support us to make this program a success.   Compassion is also a critical part of our daily service.  Many of our clients are dealing with a wide variety of health issues that are compounded by limited resources because of this we must take a compassionate approach to ensure we are showing them respect and allowing them to keep their dignity.  And Commitment, this agency has been dedicated to our mission since our inception in 1973 and will continue to work hard towards supporting the elderly and disabled adults of our communities.

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Promoting Physical and Emotional Health

With every meal served each individual is provided with the basic nutritional needs to promote a healthy dietary intake necessary to improve or maintain physical health.  Equally important is the social contact that comes with each meal helping reduce the risk of social isolation, promoting an emotional well-being which ulimtate can impact  a person’s physical well-being.

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Protecting Quality of Life

Although Nursing Homes may be an inevitable outcome for some individuals, they are a costly option for the individuals, their families, and their communities.  For a lot of elderly, nursing homes aren’t a necessity if some basic services are available.  Meals on Wheels agencies provide a cost-effective alternative that gives an individual the ability to remain safely in their homes, where they wish to be.  The ability to receive some basic assistance allowing someone to remain independent in a familiar setting can greatly improve their quality of life.

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Aiding in the Social and Economic Needs

Too often our elderly will choose to go without some basic necessities in order to remain in their own home because of financial constraints.  We all have heard of people having to choose between things like food, medication, or heat.  The availability of Meals on Wheels reduces the risk of our elderly having to make these choices that have both an physical and mental impact on their well-being.